bee-isms – a two point five month update


here we are. well past the two point five month mark for bee, and just getting around to posting an update for the first time in months. because, baby brothers. man, they take some work. lucky for my blog, mine is just about to reach non-baby status as steps are inevitable any day now. and in other news, his older sibling has reached gut-retching, so grown up, self-reported-big-kid status. my heart bursts. last night putting her to bed she told me she loved me for the very first time non-solicited. ‘i love you mommy’ is not something you think you have to toil so long and hard for, but i’ll tell you it was a long, long 2.5 years to get us here.


bee’s favorite things lately:

  • ballet – i mistakenly signed her up for tumbling and before every class she reminds me she would rather be going to ballet. i suspect the lack of tutus in gym class have a lot to do with this.
  • snacks. mealtime, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are trigger words for her – ‘nooo I just want a snack’. apparently kale salad has lost its allure whilst cheddar bunnies are always welcome. i have taken to calling all meals, including veggie pasta pesto salads ‘snacks’ now, and the trick seems to be working so far.

i cannot bear to correct her grammar or mispronunciations. i think it keeps her in little kid realm as long as i can keep these going. here are a few of my favorites:

  • i fream – ice cream
  • carra – car
  • fuool- school…second favorite pretend is bringing lunch to school and eating it. she does not stand for my ‘lessons’ that i try to add to the equation. straight for the lunchbox it is.
  • footer-scooter
  • omol- oatmeal
  • i did it. by meself!
  • daddy, push you in.
  • bamum – bottom
  • baby wool – baby will
  • trackee – tractor
  • ice saking – ice skating…favorite pretend came out of nowhere. she ice sakes on anything you could possibly conceive.
  • bakset- basket
  • dabid – grandpa david

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